Passing the Boating License Test

What to expect on the boat license exam

Most of our state boating safety courses offer an all-encompassing 60 or 75 question, multiple choice final exam that will certify you as a safe and knowledgeable boater. This is the state-required exam in order to obtain your boating license or boater education card.

Visual Boating License Test Questions

Every question on the online boating license test contains detailed illustrations that correspond to the safe boating material in the online safe boating study guide. Use these visual aids to help you remember the boating safety topics and choose the correct answer. The animated, interactive study guide covers 100% of each certification exam.

Navigate through your exam questions

For your convenience, the boating license test is presented one-question at a time. The easy-to-use navigation grid on the left side of each exam will show you which question you're on, which question you've answered, and which question has not been answered yet. Therefore, you do not need to answer all exam questions in a sequential order. Answer the easy questions first and then return to the ones that gave you some trouble. The exam will not be graded until all questions have been answered.

There are no trick questions!

BoaterExam's boating license test questions are written to a very strict standard that ensures a consistency and high quality throughout every certification exam. Forget about choosing the "best" answer option, and forget about "all of the above" style answer options. Every test question will have one single correct answer.

Boat License Practice Tests

If you take the time to study the online safe boating course, you will have the opportunity to take several end-of-chapter practice quizzes that cover the same topics as the final safe boating certification exam. There's also a good chance that you will see some very similar questions on your boating license test, so use these quizzes to gauge whether you're ready to take the final exam to get your boating license.

Boating License Test Answers

Unless the state requirements state otherwise, after every boating license test or practice quiz you will have the chance to review all of your boater exam answers. You will see the correct answer for each question, which question you answered incorrectly and, in most cases, an explanation of the correct answer. So, take the time to review your answers after every quiz, practice test, and after the certification exam!