Connecticut Safe Boating Study Guide


Boats are identified in classes by length. Federal and state laws require certain equipment aboard boats, depending on the class or length of the boat.

Remember, a boat's length is measured along its centerline from the outside of the bow front portion of a vessel. to the outside of the sternrear portion of a vessel.. This measurement does not include any attachments, such as swim platformslow platform installed at the transom for ease of boarding. or wakeboard towers or outboard enginesa detachable motor mounted on the transom of a boat..

Class A: Less than 16 ft.

CLASS A: Less than 16 ft.

Class 1: Between 16 and 26 ft.

CLASS 1: 16 ft. to less than 26 ft.

Class 2: Between 26 and 40 ft.

CLASS 2: 26 ft. to less than 40 ft.

Class 3: Between 40 and 65 ft.

CLASS 3: 40 ft. to less than 65 ft.