Connecticut Safe Boating Study Guide


  • Load your boat properly.
  • Keep equipment low and center. This will greatly help with your boats stability.
  • Avoid quick movements. Use caution when retrieving a fish, collecting decoys, or firing your gun: all these actions can result in falls overboard emergencies, if you aren't careful.

  • Remain seated as much as possible. When you have to move around the boat, keep three points of contact with the vessel to help you and the boat remain stable.
  • Wear your personal flotation device. Too many hunters and anglers are lost every year due to falls overboard. In many of these instances, wearing a PFD could have saved a life.
    • Inflatable PFDs are perfect for fishing or hunting, as they do not limit mobility. 
    • When in colder waters, consider wearing a full-body PFD or immersion suit. These will help you stay afloat as well as help you stay warm.
  • Respect and recognize that anglers and hunters need a wide berth. Anglers are casting all around their vessel and hunters are firing guns, so always stay clear. Your boat’s wake could swamp an angler’s boat. Additionally, some anglers may be trolling their fishing line out a fair distance behind them. If you approach too closely, your boat could sever the fishing line.