Utah Boating Safety Course


Proper maintenance of your boat can extend its useful life and also help ensure that you and your passengers have an enjoyable and safe boating experience. 


  • Change oil at least once every season. Check manufacturer's recommendations for oil changing.
  • Inspect belts and hoses before every voyage, and replace those that are worn or torn.
  • Check for corrosion and oxidation, and take preventive measures before they become serious problems.
  • Check and service transmissions, and change fluids according to the recommended schedule.


  • Always use marine parts—never automotive parts!
  • Store vessels in a dry place out of the sun.
  • Check any through-hull fittings, such as engine-cooling intakes. A leak or opening could sink your boat if not attended to properly.
  • Keep the decks and hull cleaned and waxed for better fuel efficiency and longer life.
  • Clean and grease electrical connections to prevent corrosion.