Wyoming Boating Safety Course


  • Make sure the boat is centered on the trailer and fuel and gear is distributed evenly throughout the boat; an uneven load can cause instability and makes steering and maneuvering much more difficult.
  • Tie down all loose items and equipment in the boat.
  • Criss-cross chains under the frame when attaching the trailer to the towing vehicle.
  • Make sure chains can support the weight of the entire load should the hitch break.
  • Make sure trailer brake lights and directional lights are working so other drivers will be notified of any stops, braking, or turning.
  • Check tire pressure and ensure lug nuts are tight and secure.
  • Adjust side-view mirrors as necessary to get a clear view of the trailer and any traffic behind.
  • Practice turning and backing up with the trailer attached. It takes some time to get used to these maneuvers. Practicing will build confidence and competency.
  • Tie the boat to the trailer frame with additional straps.