Wyoming Boating Safety Course


Anglers and hunters need to be aware of safe boating practices and follow the same guidelines as other recreational vessel operators. Casting and retrieving fish and firing a gun require a steady boat and proper precautions. 

  • Use the buddy system and leave a float plan. Fishing or hunting alone is very risky. At the very least, let a responsible friend or family member know where you plan to fish or hunt and when you expect to return.
  • Be sure to have proper navigation lights. Peak fishing hours tend to be during early morning and early evening. During these times, vision is limited, so be sure to have proper navigation lights in working order and a backup flashlight.

  • Keep an eye out for others on the water and respect their space. When fishing or hunting during the day, keep an eye out for other boaters, and respect their space. Many anglers and hunters tend to focus exclusively on their task at hand (fishing or hunting) and neglect to keep a proper lookout.