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Boaters Get Safe Boating Card Online

The Lighthouse - Wheels'N'Keels

May 22nd, 2002

COUNTY -- Over eight million Canadian boaters are required to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card for operating any powered watercraft or personal watercraft.

The pleasure craft operator card is a worthwhile investment for the one in three Canadians who own watercraft. Many insurance providers require boat and PWC operators to have their card to avoid premium rates.

Partnership with Izumi raises boating safety awareness

When world premier angler, Bob Izumi, host of Bob Izumi's Real Fishing show, obtained his Pleasure Craft Operator Card at ®, the company's president, Larry McNamee, saw an opportunity for a great partnership.

"Our biggest challenge was reaching out to Canadians and letting them know they can take their boating exam and get their pleasure craft operator card conveniently online," he explains. "Working with North America's number 1 fishing show has helped thousands of Canadians learn more about boating safety and helped them obtain their pleasure craft operator card on the Internet."

"Enjoying fishing in Canada, often means operating a boat," says Mr. Izumi. "I decided to partner with® ® and Forensic and Nautical Consultants of Canada (FNCC) to let the audience know about the easiest way in Canada to obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card. You get your card online immediately after passing the exam. It is a fantastic service."

Safe boating education implemented to reduce deaths

The Canadian Coast Guard, in an effort to heighten safe boating education and prevent the estimated 200 deaths and 6,000 boating accidents per year, implemented the need for proof of operator competency for Canadian boaters in 1999. Not having your pleasure craft operator card while operating a boat can result in a fine of up to $330 to the driver of the watercraft. Owners of the watercraft are also subject to a fine if they allow an operator without proof of competency to drive their watercraft.® was developed as a result of this new regulation. Larry McNamee and online marketer and son Brent McNamee, in partnership with FNCC, a Canadian Coast Guard approved safe boating course provider, created one of Canada's online success stories.

Safe boating training available for free online

"Being able to train and practice for free online, and then take the safe boating exam coupled with being issued a printable temporary boat license while waiting for your permanent pleasure craft operator card to be mailed, is the level of service Canadians have come to appreciate in today's busy world." says Brent McNamee.

At present, the® management team and their sales force of over 1,000 are aggressively securing the growing market of people still needing to get their boating license. A significant online presence, and the growth of a web partnership tapping into boating communities across the nation and around the world are the roots of this company's success.® provides a bilingual resource for pleasure craft operator cards to Canadians and to non resident tourists wanting to spend time on our lakes and rivers.

Boat exam available at Community Access Centers

The® Team has recently partnered with the Community Access Program, who provides an exam supervisor at internet and computer community centres in the Maritimes. As this program grows, even Canadians without computer access at work or home can complete their boat exam online.

"As a parent, it is wonderfully satisfying to educate boaters on our web site and help make Canadian waters safer," explains Larry McNamee. "With®, I also get to promote my favourite pastimes, boating and fishing, all while working in the past paced environment of the .com world."