Q. What is the "Indiana Boater Education Card"?

A. The Indiana Boater Education Card is proof of competency of the basic rules of the water that all boaters should know. The Boater Education Card must be carried with you whenever you are operating a powered watercraft to avoid high fines.

Q. Do I have to get the Indiana Boater Education Card?

A. As of January 1, 1996, all vessel or PWC operators are required to hold a valid driver’s license in order to operate on all Indiana public waters.

All persons who are 15 years of age, or persons 16 years and older who do not have a driver’s license, may only operate a motorboat or PWC once they have successfully completed a Boater Education course that is approved by the Department of Natural Resources. They must then carry onboard an I.D. issued by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles stating successful course completion, at all times while operating.

No persons under 15 years of age may legally operate a PWC or a motorboat with greater than 10 horsepower.

Q. How do I get my Indiana Boater Education Card?

A. You can obtain your Indiana Boater Education Card in 3 easy steps:

  1. Pay the one-time fee of $29.95 — free unlimited retries of the final exam
  2. Study the Indiana Boating Safety Course and pass the final exam
  3. Print off your Certificate of Completion and receive your permanent boater education card in the mail within 3-5 weeks

For a complete overview of the Indiana online boating exam process, please visit our Indiana Online Exam Process overview page.

Q. What if I don't pass the Indiana Boating Test?

A. No problem. There is no cost to retry the exam if you do not pass. You will receive your score and be allowed to review any of your wrong answers. You can then review the course material and take the exam again at no cost to you.

Q. How much does the exam cost?

A. The cost of the exam is $29.95. There is no cost to get your Boater Education Card which will be mailed to you home within 3-5 weeks.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

A. We accept payments by VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, PayPal, and Prepaid vouchers.

Q. What is the "Certificate of Completion"?

A. The Certificate of Completion is a temporary proof of competency and proves that you took a boater education course and passed. This certificate is valid for 60 days from the date you take your exam and should should be carried with you when you boat until your permanent Boater Education Card arrives in the mail.

Q. When will I receive my Boater Education Card in the mail?

A. Your card will arrive in 3-5 weeks from the date you take your exam.

Q. Is there a time limit to complete the final exam?

A. You can take the final exam at any time, day or night. The exam is not timed but inactive exams will be erased after 24 hours.

Q. Is there a time limit to complete the online course?

A. You can take the online course at any time, day or night. However, courses must be completed within 90 days of payment at which time your access to the course will expire.

Q. How many questions are on the exam?

A. The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions.

Q. What is the passing grade?

A. The passing grade is 80%, or 48 correct answers out of 60 questions.