At®, we're happy to provide a free online study guide to help you prepare for your required classroom-based boating safety course.

Note: This online study guide is not a substitute for the 8-hour class required to obtain certification.

To get a Boating Safety Certificate in Massachusetts, follow these three steps:

1. Study the® Free Study Guide (Optional)

  • Our online study guide is narrated, illustrated and animated to help you learn.
  • Prepare yourself with all the knowledge you’ll need for your classroom-based course.

Start the study guide!

2. Take an approved boating safety class

  • The classes run 10-12 hours in length and are normally split across two days.
  • Classes are for adults and youth 12 years of age and older.

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3. Get your Massachusetts Boating Safety Certificate

  • Upon successful completion of the classroom-based course, you will receive your Boating Safety Certificate.
  • Remember to keep your Boating Safety Certificate on board at all times while operating a motorized boat or personal watercraft.