How to apply for your permanent Oregon Boater Education Card

If you have chosen the "self serve" payment option, then you are required to complete and submit an application form copy of your certificate of completion and the $20.00 fee to the Oregon State Marine Board, in order to obtain your permanent Oregon Boater Education Card

To access the PDF fillable application form:

  1. Open file (right click and select open)
  2. Press tab or use cursor to select the box to enter your information
  3. Click on the oval that matches your hair, eye, gender and course type (how you completed the test)
  4. Fill in the date below the signature
  5. Click print form
  6. Once printed, sign and mail the completed application, copy of certificate of completion and a $20.00 check or money order to the address located in the top left hand corner of the application.

If the above does not work:

  1. Right click on document and "Save As" the document to your computer
  2. Then follow the steps from 1 - 6 above