At BOATERexam.com, we're happy to provide a free online study guide to help you prepare for your New York boater education classroom course.

Note: The online study guide is not a substitute for the classroom course.

To get your New York Boater Education Card, follow these three steps:

1. Take an approved classroom course.

  • The New York Safe Boating Course is designed to last a minimum of eight (8) hours, including the final proctored exam.
  • For a list of available courses, click on the button below. If there are no courses offered in your area, check back often; the course list is updated every Friday.

Find a course

2. Pass the proctored exam at the end of the course.

  • A score of at least 76% is required to pass the proctored final exam.
  • You will receive a temporary boating safety certificate upon completion of the classroom course and final exam.

3. Order your New York Boating Safety Certificate.

  • Your permanent New York Boating Safety Certificate does not expire.
  • Note: Students 18 years of age and older are required to pay a $10 fee to NYS for the issuance of a permanent boating safety certificate.
  • Find out more.

To find a classroom course in areas of New York State, please visit: www.nysparks.com or Safe Boating America.

Education Requirement

Boater Education is required for all persons born on or after May 1, 1996 who operate a motorboat and for all persons, regardless of age, who operate a PWC on New York waters.