Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions about all aspects of Canadian safe boating laws and regulations. If you have a question you would like to see added to this list, send an e-mail to [email protected] with your question.

Internet Safe Boating Course

Q. Is the online course recognized by Transport Canada?

A. Yes.® is a Transport Canada approved safe boating course provider. The online safe boating exam offered by® is authentic and meets all requirements outlined by the Office of Boating Safety concerning Internet testing and The Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations. The Pleasure Craft Operator Card you receive by passing the Internet boaters exam is identical to the card issued if you pass a classroom course.

Q. Can I really get my Pleasure Craft Operator Card online?

A. Yes. This site meets all Transport Canada criteria for Internet Testing. The card you receive after passing your Internet exam is the same card you would receive if you passed a classroom course.

Q. How much do the boater exams cost?

A. The cost of the exam is $49.95 + TAX. This fee includes the exam and the card mailed to your home. There is no cost to retry the exam, if required. All the training material is available for free in our training section.

Q. How do I pay for the online course and exam?

A. Once you register for the online course, you will be able to complete all of Chapter 1 for FREE. After this, you will be asked to make a payment of $49.95 + tax for the online course. This fee covers the entire course, the final exam, as well as your temporary card that you may print out following successful completion of the exam and your permanent card that is mailed out to you.

Q. What is a Pre Paid Access Code?

A. Pre paid Access codes are special vouchers or gift certificates that allow access to one online exam. These codes can be purchased at our promotion kiosk at various boat shows across Canada.

Q. Can I take the online course and exam at any time? Day or Night?

A. Yes. There are no restrictions as to when you can take the online course or write the final exam.

Q. How many chapters are in the online course?

A. The online course contains 5 chapters of study content before you can move on to the final exam.

Q. How long does the entire course take?

A. The course is formatted to be a minimum 3 hours for study time.

Q. How many questions are there in the chapter quizzes?

A. The chapter quizzes contain 10 multiple choice questions.

Q. How many correct answers do I need to pass a chapter quiz?

A. In order to pass a chapter quiz, you require 8 out of 10 correct answers or 80%.

Q. What happens if I fail a chapter quiz?

A. If you do not pass a chapter quiz, you will be required to re-study the chapter again before attempting the chapter quiz again.

Q. Do I have to take the online course all at once?

A. No. Once you create your account, you may log in and out at your convenience. All progress will be tracked so you can pick up where you left off when you log back in.

Q. How many questions are on the final exam?

A. The final exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

Q. What is the passing grade for the final exam?

A. The passing grade for the final exam is 75% or 38 out of 50 correct answers.

Q. What happens if I fail the final exam?

A. If you are unable to pass the final exam on your first attempt, you may retry the exam once again for free in 24 hours. If you are unable to pass the final exam a second time, you will then need to retake the entire online course before retrying the final exam again.

Q. Do I need a supervisor for the online course?

A. No. The previous online format required a supervisor to witness your exam. This is no longer required under the current format.

Q. Can I take the online course at home?

A. Yes. You may take the online course from home. Under the previous online format, this was not permitted however the current format will allow you to take the entire course from the comfort of your own home.

Q. Is the final exam open book?

A. Yes. You are permitted to have course notes or a study guide with you while you take the final 50 question exam.