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In short, this means you can study in the knowledge this course meets, and exceeds, the regulations and requirements for safe paddling. And it's the only online course that can make that claim.

Canoe, kayak, paddleboard

THE comprehensive canoe, kayak,
& paddleboard safety course

Hop in or on, and stand up and cheer! If it's got a paddle it's in this course. Including everything stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Just be careful standing up in those kayaks and canoes, in fact we'll teach you how (or when not to). Push off and get started!

From getting

Safely & securely.

Getting there safely and securely

to getting
in & out...

Dry and upright.

Getting there dry and upright

& getting

Balanced & surefooted.

Getting there balanced & surefooted

Everything from cockpit to keel in incredibly detailed illustrations

Don't just READ about it, SEE it! Boating education's industry leading illustrators bring the same detailed style and vibrant characters to life in a way that's the next best thing to being in a canoe, a kayak, or on your SUP (maybe even better). Check them out yourself!

Paddlecourse Illustrations

Do you also operate a boat with a motor?

Then you may be looking for an online boating course focusing on powered watercraft. At®, you can learn everything from the parts of a boat, to navigation rules, to required safety equipment. You can sign up to study the course for free in most states.

Paddle at your own speed

Sign in & out
and paddle at your own speed

From flatwater to whitewater, YOU SET THE PACE. Bear down and attack the course in one go, or set up camp and take it one leg at a time. It's all about you and your schedule, wherever you get an internet connection and have the time. Pick your path and start now!

Paddlers love the course … and here's what they're saying:

Paddling is a popular activity but it does come with some risks. So we are excited to have an online course that helps to get the safety message out.
- Transport for NSW maritime safety spokesman Neil Patchett

Sit back, relax, and let the fully narrated course take you downstream

Have the narration guide you, or turn it off and read on your own. The choice is yours. Get active and read yourself, or listen as the voiceover carries you through like a well timed tailwind. Kick your feet up and get started!

Fully Narrated Paddle Course