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All operators of recreational powered watercraft in Canada regardless of age, engine horsepower or length of boat.

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BOATERexam.com® is a Transport Canada approved course provider and Canada's most trusted provider of boating safety courses and exams. More Canadians—more than 2 million of them —have chosen BOATERexam.com® to get their Pleasure Craft Operator Card. But we're not only approved in Canada. Our boating license certification is also recognized by over 50 U.S. States. That's official.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Below are some common questions about safe boating rules & regulations.

Q. What is the Pleasure Craft Operator Card?

A. The Pleasure Craft Operator Card is proof of competency and allows Canadian residents to operate their boat for recreational purposes in all Canadian waters, where permitted.

Q. Who needs the Pleasure Craft Operator Card and when?

A. All operators of powered watercraft used for recreational purposes within Canada require the card as of September 15, 2009.

Q. Is there an age exemption clause?

A. No, there is no age exemption – this law applies to all operators, regardless of age.

Q. Is the card good for life?

A. Yes. The Pleasure Craft Operator Card is good for life with no annual fees.

Q. What if I lose my Pleasure Craft Operator Card?

A. You can order a replacement card by clicking Lost your card? in the top menu or please contact us at 1-866-688-2628 to order another card.

Q. In which provinces is the Pleasure Craft Operator Card valid?

A. The card is valid in each province; Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia (BC), Prince Edward Island (PEI), Saskatchewan, Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador (NFLD).

For more the complete list of questions please visit www.boaterexam.com/canada/faq-en.aspx

  • TC Canada
  • Canadian Boating Council
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Coast Guard
  • Official Boating Educator

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