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Who needs to take the Washington boaters safety course?

All boaters must have a Washington State Boater Education Card to operate a motorized watercraft of 15 HP or more.® is a delegated provider for the Washington State Parks.

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Replacement Washington Boater Education Card

If you lose your Washington Boater Education Card, you can fill out a card replacement affidavit and mail it along with $5 to the Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission. Please visit the Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission website for the card replacement affidavit form and current mailing address.

If you need more information about replacing your Boater Education Card, you can contact the Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission by phone at 360-902- 8555 or by email at Please include your full name and date of birth in your email.

Washington Boating License or Boater Education Card... Is there a difference?

The boater education card is proof that you have successfully completed a boating safety course. The boater education card does not expire and does not need to be renewed. Therefore, it is NOT a Washington Boating License!