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At®, we're happy to provide a free online study guide to help you prepare for your required classroom-based boating safety course. This online study guide is not a substitute for the 8-hour class required to obtain certification.® is a delegated provider for the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

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Replacement Massachusetts Boater Safety Certificate

If your Massachusetts Boater Safety Certificate has been lost or damaged, you should contact the organization that issued the certificate to request a replacement card. You'll need to provide the date and location where you took the course.

Organizations Offering Approved Boating Classes

Boat Massachusetts

US Coast Guard Auxiliary
800-848-3942 ext. 8309

US Power Squadrons

New England Maritime


Duxbury Bay Maritime School

Boat Safe Massachusetts

Massachusetts Boating License or Boater Safety Certificate... Is there a difference?

The boater safety certificate is proof that you have successfully completed a boating safety course. The boater safety certificate does not expire and does not need to be renewed. Therefore, it is NOT a Massachusetts Boating License!