Course Outline

Uniform State Waterways Marking System - Part 2

obstruction marker

Obstruction Marker

Indicates an obstruction to navigation. Do not pass between this marker and the shoreline.

mooring marker

Mooring Marker

Used for mooring or securing vessels; be aware that a vessel may be secured to such a marker. This is the only marker that a boat can legally be tied to.

safe water marker

Safe Water Marker

Indicates safe water. This marker is used to indicate land falls, channel entrances, or channel centers. It may be passed on either side.

Diving Marker

A diving marker or flag indicates diving activity in the area. Particular care must be taken when boating in waters where there are divers. A vessel engaged in diving must display a blue and white flag. A red and white flag carried on a buoy is used to mark areas where diving is in progress, although divers may stray from the boundaries of the marked areas. As a general rule, stay at least 150 feet from any diving flag or activity. Consult your state boating requirements for state-specific diving requirements.

diving marker in water