And the Boatsey goes to...

2017 Boatsey winner; Kelli Toth from Alaska

Kelli Toth, Alaska

The 2017 Boating Safety Educator of the Year!

2017 Boatsey finalists; Arnold M. Geller, Trooper Cole P. Chatman

And congratulations to the regional finalists!

Arnold M. Geller, Rhode Island

Trooper Cole P. Chatman, Missouri


What's a Boatsey?

Together with NASBLA, we founded the Boating Educator of the Year Award (the Boatsey) to recognize boating professionals and volunteers who have made our lives safer through their outstanding commitment to boating safety education. Three finalists receive an all-expense paid trip to the annual NASBLA conference, where the winner is announced.

What's a Boatsey
Who can win a Boatsey

Who can win a Boatsey?

Each year, Boating Law Administrators are called on to nominate a candidate from their state who has engaged boaters, raised awareness, and made boating education relevant, thorough and exciting.

Make a nomination (Log in to NASBLA's site)

When/Where's the Boatsey being awarded?

Mark your calendars and pack your bags because we're announcing this years lucky winner at the annual NASBLA conference in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Nasbla Boatsey Award

Previous Winners

Nasbla Award Erika Brooks

2016 Erika Brooks, Kansas, WSBAA

Erika Brooks has held her position as boating education coordinator with Kansas Wildlife & Parks since 2004. She brought her knowledge, training and education within the realm of marketing to a new perspective within the department’s boating education programs, taking a dilapidated boating education program and molding it toward the newest standards of excellence!

Nasbla Award Zac Campbell

2015 Zac Campbell, Kentucky

Zac's tireless efforts to engage the youth of Kentucky has taken lifejacket wear and boating safety to the next level. If that weren't enough, his role in developing the Kentucky Boat Safe App ensures fellow boaters are never more than a tap away from help!

Nasbla Award Edwin Lyngar

2014 Edwin Lyngar, Nevada, WSBAA

Edwin's creative and aggressive campaign for implementing a mandatory boating education law in Nevada ushered in a new era embraced by Nevada boaters. Now that's leading the way!

Nasbla Award Mike Gladheart

2013 Mike Gladhart, Idaho, WSBAA

Cpl. Mike Gladhart, was the 2013 Boating Safety Educator of the Year winner. From building a PWC simulator to starting a popular PFD exchange program to teaching thousands of Idahoans boating safety, Cpl. Gladhart has always gone above and beyond to make education a top priority.

Nasbla Award Joe McCullough

2012 Joe McCullough, Alaska, WSBAA

Joe McCullough, Education Coordinator of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks & Outdoor Recreation, was the recipient of the second annual NASBLA Boater Safety Educator of the Year award at the 2012 NASBLA conference in Mobile, Alabama. Whether he’s teaching students, instructing instructors, or producing award-winning safety videos about Alaska’s cold-water environment, Joe’s commitment to boating education in Alaska has made a major impact. The other two finalists for the 2012 award were Allen Herald (Tennessee – SSBLA) and Dana Smith (Ohio – NABA).

Nasbla Award Betsy Woods

2011 Betsy Woods, Tennessee, SSBLAA

Betsy Woods, of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA), was named the winner of the first annual NASBLA Boater Safety Educator of the Year award. Woods's many accomplishments in the field range from making the Tennessee "Wear It" initiative a success to campaigning public libraries to make boating education accessible. Len Llewellyn (New York – NABA) and Ed Huntsman (Arizona – WSBAA) were the other two finalists for the 2011 award.