Who needs a Safe Waterskiing Endorsement?

Who Needs

In order to operate a vessel that is towing a water skier or other towed device, the operator must:

  • Be age 16 and older, and
  • Possess a valid Safe Boating certificate or Certificate of Personal Watercraft from Connecticut, a valid boating certificate from a reciprocal state with Connecticut or a Coast Guard License, and
  • Possess a Connecticut Safe Waterskiing Endorsement, if they obtained their boating certificate on or after October 1, 2015.

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Detailed illustrations make theories clear

Detailed illustrations

Incredibly detailed illustrations capture and focus key learning objectives. Theories that would appear complicated or unclear in real-life, in real-time, are highlighted and isolated in ways that show exactly what's going on.

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You control the pace

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Visual Exam Questions Help You Learn

Visual Exam Questions

Visual Exam Questions
Help You Learn

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Hundreds of Engaging Videos

Engaging Videos

Hundreds of
Engaging Videos

Our Connecticut Safe Waterskiing Endorsement Course features hundreds of rich engaging boating videos and animations. That means you aren't just reading: You're watching, listening and learning.

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