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Longreach Buoyancy Deployment Bazooka

Longreach Buoyancy Deployment Bazooka

Longreach Buoyancy System

Image Source: technabob

The Longreach buoyancy bazooka designed by Samuel Adeloju shoots an emergency buoyancy aid 500 feet out to sea, saving people from drowning. Once the aid hits water it rapidly expands to help keep the victim afloat. Last year, the Longreach system won the James Dyson Award, a competition aimed at encouraging design engineers to be creative, inventive, and to challenge the norm.

The life buoy is shaped like a bullet allowing it to be launched from a bazooka-like device. When the bullet hits water the buoy expands to forty times its original size forming a ring-shaped life-preserver. This invention could reach drowning victims far more quickly than a lifeguard and it also promises to aid those that fall overboard and end up out of reach of a buoy thrown by hand.

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