Turn Your Smartphone Into a Satellite Communicator

Cool Tech Gadget for Pretty Much Any Outdoorsman:
Turn Your Smartphone Into a Satellite Communicator

So you're lost in the wilderness. Thoughts of a parched, solitary death are entering your mind. Well, with the Spot Connect, you can share these final thoughts on the Internet! (And also save yourself)

The Spot Connect is a satellite communicator module that allows you to send Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS messages from locations without cell service. (No calls, sorry.) Rather than pairing with a single piece of proprietary hardware, the Spot Connect pairs with Smartphones to provide a software interface for the little black communications unit. Simply download the SPOT Connect App onto your Smartphone (Android or Apple iOS devices — including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and SPOT will wirelessly synch via Bluetooth. The SPOT satellite message features are initiated directly from the app's user interface.

The fun stuff: Messaging, social networking and GPS trail tracking are front and center in the software, but it will also send out your raw location for emergency purposes.

The catch: At $170, which does not include the necessary satellite service subscription ($100 a year, minimum), the Spot Connect is not cheap.

For more information about the SPOT Connect, please visit the More Information: FindMeSPOT.com website.

Source: Gizmodo