Boating Accidents

Boating Accidents, Crashes, and Mishaps videos

Here is a collection of amazing videos of boating crashes, accidents, and mishaps. This is a good educational list of things NOT to do while boating.

Enjoy the videos and we hope that you learn from their mistakes!

Choppin’ the Top

In this case, it was found that the bridge operator was at fault. If you watch the video closely, you see that the bridge starts to lower before the vessel has fully cleared. You can read the Marine Investigation Report for more details about this accident.

The Jackknife

It seems like someone should have seen this coming — another reason why it is so important to take a boater education course and know the nautical rules of the road before heading out.

The Skip-a-Roo

Too much speed, too much wake, not enough common sense = whiplash!

Boat Versus Dock

The Drunken Sailor

This small sailboat is about to cut in front of a large ferry boat.
(Kudos to the announcer for calling 'em like he sees 'em.)

Water Sky Machine

In retrospect, when you put a jet engine into a lightweight boat, you should probably expect it to fly.

The Wave Hopper

Total Boat Meltdown

A drag boat totally disintegrates...

Sailboat Versus Pier

Anchors Away!

Straight Outta Drydock

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