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Seabreacher - The Ultimate Diving Machine

The Seabreacher is an advanced submersible watercraft built by Innespace Productions. It is based on an aggressive dolphin and shark inspired body with an impressive performance envelope. The 260hp supercharged engine can propell the vessel to a top speed of 50mph on the surface and 25mph below. It sustain high speed dives and then breach the surface, launching the entire vessel clear out of the water. The new fully vectored thrust system mimic the tail articulation of real aquatic animals like sharks and dolphins. The custom tuned exhaust system also gives the vessel a more throaty growl as it tears across the surface.

The Seabreacher is approved for recreational boating by the U.S. Coast Guard and has been granted exemption from certain safety standards due to its unique configuration. It is classified as a personal watercraft.

The cockpit and engine bay are kept 100% watertight with the aid of inflatable aircraft seals. If the pilot forgets to inflate the seals, there can be minor leaks, but any water in the boat is automatically pumped out via the automatic bilge pumps.

The Seabreacher can be launched at a regular boat ramp from an optional custom-built trailer with no more difficulty than launching a conventional boat and can dive up to 5 feet for brief durations. Because the Seabreacher is positively buoyant, it needs speed in order to dive, which means the engine needs to be running, and the engine needs fresh air to breathe. The moment you dive too deep, the engine's air supply is cut off and the engine immediately loses power; therefore, it pops back to the surface.

It is surprisingly quick to pick up the basic operation of the Seabreacher and learn to navigate on the surface. Prolonged dives and other tricks take a little longer to master.

Price for a custom built Seabreacher is dependent on the number of options that a customer chooses, but price tends to range from US$ 65,000 for a standard model to upwards of US$ 85,000 for a high-performance, heavily customized version. There is currently a nine month waiting list for new orders.

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