Wisconsin DNR Customer Number

All Wisconsin Recreational Safety Students are required to obtain a lifetime DNR Customer Number. You will not be issued a Boating Safety Certificate without a DNR number.

So why is it called a Wisconsin Boating License?

Since many people are used to using the term "license" it's a natural assumption that you need a boating license to drive a boat instead of a boater education card. The Wisconsin Boating Safety Education ID Card is what you need in order to drive a boat on Wisconsin's waters.

You already have a DNR number if you hold one of the following licenses or certificates:

Wisconsin DNR Sample
  • Wisconsin Fishing License
  • Wisconsin Hunting License
  • Wisconsin Snow/ATV License
  • Wisconsin Hunter Safety Certificate

If you have NOT already been assigned a DNR customer number, or if you cannot find your DNR number, you can obtain your number from the DNR website.