Boater Safety Tip - Common Hand Signals

Boater Safety Tip - Common Hand Signals

Common Hand Signals

Along with the operator - there must always be a "spotter" on board the vessel to watch the person being towed.

Communication is key to safe towed water sports...

Towed water sports can be fun, but noisy... Everyone on board, as well as the person being towed, has to use hand signals to communicate their intentions. Please memorize the following hand signal chart and have fun:

HIGH IMPACT SPORTS require a Type-I PFD... Never engage in towed water sports in an inflatable PFD - ever.

Return to Dock

Patting your head with your right hand...

Rider Okay

Hold your hands up together over your head...

Rider Down

Hold up your water ski or wakeboard...

Speed Up ... Stop ... Speed Okay

Turn Left ... Turn Right ... Slow Down