Boater Safety Tip - Docking Your Vessel

Boater Safety Tip - Docking Your Vessel

Docking your Vessel

Remember, boats have no brakes. A proper lookout and safe speed are your best bet for a safe docking.

Maneuvering a vessel into a dock

can be the most challenging of boating operations. Add in high traffic, choppy water and windy conditions to the mix - and you quickly realize that docking is a real skill that needs to be learned
and practiced.

Slow your speed, secure fenders on the docking side, and ready the docking lines.

Take water currents into account when docking as they can have the same affects as wind.

The direction of the wind has a huge impact on docking. Remember these helpful tips...

Docking with the wind in your face...

You will need to approach the dock at a steep angle of 20 to 45 degrees and swing the boat quickly. Secoure the bow first & reverse until the stern swings in.

Docking with the wind at your back...

Approach the dock at a shallow angle of about 10 to 20 degrees, stop the boat and allow the wind to drift you into the dock.

Whenever possible, aproach the dock with the wind in your face. You'll have more control that way!