Boater Safety Tip - PFDs And Your Safety

Boater Safety Tip - PFDs And Your Safety

PFDs and Your Safety

Personal Flotation Devices, also known as PFDs or Lifejackets, have the potential to save lives... that is, if you wear one.

PFD's are Required Onboard Vessels

An off shore life jacket is suited to all waters - especially open, rough waters, where a rescue can easily be delayed.

The near shore life jacket is best suited to calm inland waters where there is a good chance of an easy rescue.

Flotation Aids come in a wide variety of styles - but basically possess the same buoyancy as a Type II.

A throwable device is only intended to be used in calm, inland waters with high traffic, where help is available.

Some Deck Suits provide hyppothermic protection - while others are only approved when worn. Check the label!

Your PFD must fit properly to work properly...

  • To ensure the proper fit - have the wearer put on the PFD and adjust straps as necessary to ensure a snug fit.
  • A properly fitted PFD will not ride higher than the ears or mouth of the wearer.
  • Test PFDs in the water to ensure they can hold your weight. You should get used to swimming with a PFD.
  • A PFD is only effective if you are wearing one!

Self-inflating PFDs are effective and comfortable.Pulling the "rip cord" activates a CO2 cartridge, which rapidly inflates the vest. Always replace your cartridges once they have been fired.